Who We Are

About Us

At Brothers In Need, our message is simple. Our message delivers the idea that helps people wherever they need help. We are a non-for -profit organisation based on the idea of helping Muslim and non-Muslims.

The initiative we have set up helps; families and communities reduce the gap between the homeless and society while providing the basic necessities.
We carry out the work ourselves through our volunteers and founders. The Band-Aid solution we approach is simple but at the same time we plan and implement a long term plan that will allow these needy people to get back to work onto their feet.

The three areas we put our efforts into are:
1. Helping the poor and the needy
2. Visiting the sick and elderly
3. Feeding the homeless

Director’s Message

“Since Brothers In Need was established, the motivation and determination to make a difference for the unfortunate has been strong. As a non-for-profit organisation in providing need and support for the disadvantaged we have built our reputation on trust and being able to deliver what we achieve by the will of Allah SWT.

The idea of Brothers In Need was collaborated 3 months ago, when three brothers’ Dean, Barish, and Nour made an intention to go and do something to help the community. They saw the need for extra effort in the community due to the lack shown. They said they wanted to increase the brotherhood through love, generosity and kindness. Since then, they generated a chain of brothers joining the initiative and putting their hands in to dig into their efforts.

In the time that we have been blessed to be part of this generous cause, the initiative has grown from being small to something that is successful in helping these people by simply putting a smile over their faces generating happiness.

Our dedication and determination is due to the continuous and generous support of the community who believe and share our cause for the ultimate reward. Brothers In Need have achieved spectacular things in short amount of time. However, there is a much bigger picture and there lies a challenge for us in fulfilling this cause on a large scale but with excitement we look forward into achieving this vision through the will of Allah SWT.

Therefore, with great pleasure, we invite you alongside your brothers, sisters and businesses to support the Brothers In Need initiative in what we believe will be an unbelievable opportunity to miss and make a difference to society.”

Our Directors

Dean Mousad

Raised in Baulkham Hills, Dean has gained a wide range of skills and experience. These include completing a business certificate and undertaking a personal training course till he has become a master trainer. Dean was a former chess champion. He has involved himself in a variety of sports having twelve years’ experience in kick boxing, muay thai and taekwondo. Since reconnecting with his religion dean has focused his efforts back into the community, helping where there is a lack of resources.

Masoud Orami

After arriving in Australia at the age of 5, Masoud was raised in Merrylands in the west of Sydney playing rugby league and cricket. He completed a certificate IV in personal training. After moving into the workforce, He is a water filter technician. Masoud is married and enjoys training in Muay Thai in his downtime. Since connecting to the Islamic faith, he wants to give back to his much beloved community that has served him growing up.

Baris Idik

Raised in the suburbs on western Sydney, Baris has experienced the hardships of being under privileged. He endeavoured to attain his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, after reconnecting with his religion Baris then turned his efforts back into the community. Now married with a child he wishes to create a society fit to raise his children.