Brothers in Need

Bushfire Relief

The Australian nation is highly prone to bushfires in various areas of the country. These bushfires lead to various impacts on the members of the communities who are severely impacted. Bushfires have led to loss of life, burnt property and loss of residence. Brothers in Need’s initiative aims to provide support to victims of bushfires by assisting families with food and water and potential shelter whilst their homes are being rebuilt/reallocated.

From the end of 2019 all the way to mid-2020, Australia was widely known as Black Summer country due to the great number of bushfires that were affecting Australia. Brothers in Need had an obligation to provide necessities to some of the victims of the bushfires.

To support as many families as possible in this crisis and provide them shelter and food long enough for them to get back on their feet.

Assist us with whatever you can give, the more you give us, the more we can provide to the people in need.

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