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Bushfire Relief

Because of its climate, Australia is a nation which is extremely vulnerable when it comes to bushfires. Late 2019 – early 2020 saw one of Australia’s worst ever bushfire seasons, with New South Wales severely impacted on the mid-north coast as well as the south coast. The effects were devastating, with entire communities impacted in many instances. Hundreds of homes were destroyed and thousands of native animals perished – along with the ultimate sacrifice of human life being paid by some residents and volunteer bushfire fighters.

The tourism industry is the lifeblood of many country towns and tourism was decimated in many areas. Brothers In Need is always proactive when it comes to assisting at the time of these natural disasters and as well as raising funds to assist those who lost their homes and property, our volunteers travel to these areas to offer assistance and moral support. In late 2019, our team made two separate trips to Wauchope and Port Macquarie on the mid-north coast to provide assistance and we also visited Mogo, a tiny village located on the south coast between Batemans Bay and Moruya after it was devastated by bushfires in the final week of 2019.

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