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Flood Crisis

In mid to late March 2021, extreme rainfall in Australia’s east led to almost unprecedented flooding, with much of New South Wales being impacted. Indeed, some part of the Sydney metropolitan area received their worst flooding in over 60 years, with NSW government officials describing it as a once in a lifetime event. The south-eastern corner of Queensland was also impacted. More than 18,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes and over 1,000 flood rescues were performed by emergency services.

In Sydney, the worst affected areas included Penrith and surrounding areas such as Windsor, while the mid-north coast towns of Taree and Kempsey were also severely impacted. For the residents of Kempsey and surrounds, this was a huge setback, coming just 18 months after the Black Summer bushfires of 2019. Again, Brothers In Need was proactive in assisting those affected by the floods in terms of financial support and donating food and other items to assist those whose lives were turned upside down by an event declared by the federal government as a “natural disaster”.

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