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Return And Earn

The Return And Earn initiative was introduced by the state government in late 2017 as a practical way of reducing the volume of litter and to promote recycling and a healthy environment. At the time of Return And Earn’s inception, drink container litter comprised well over 40 percent of all the litter in New South Wales. At Brothers In Need, we were quick to embrace the concept of Return And Earn, which is our state’s largest litter reduction initiative.

The hard work of our volunteers in collecting recyclable drink containers over the past four years has seen us raise considerable revenue to assist various worthwhile causes and at the same time assist the government’s aim of reducing the volume of litter by up to 50 percent. All containers collected in the Return And Earn scheme are recycled – so the benefits of our involvement in this scheme are tangible both in terms of fundraising and protecting the environment.

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