Who We Are

After many years of service to my local community, I understand that even the best of people may find themselves facing a roadblock at some time in their lives. The Team at Brothers In Need can offer the support you need to get you back on your feet. We are dedicated to serve the community and determined to improve the lives of those who are most disadvantaged and in need of help. We would not be where we are today without the continuous and generous support of the community, our volunteers, our generous suppliers, our loyal sponsors and donors whom all believe and share our vision.

– Dean Mousad

We are a young not-for-profit organisation made up of community support workers who want to make a difference. Our mission is to assist those who are experiencing poverty and homelessness with care, dignity and respect. Our work involves supporting the poor and needy in our community, visiting the sick & elderly, and providing nutritious meals for the less fortunate.
Our goal is to provide basic necessities to those who are in need of urgent assistance so that they can get back on their feet as soon as possible. We also provide referral services and work with individuals and their families to implement long-term strategies that will create opportunities for recipients to become more self-sufficient.
Homelessness is worsening in Australia & with the absence of any real solutions in the near future thousands of people will continue to end up sleeping rough on the streets in the coming years. We are trying to make life for those on very low incomes a little easier by providing hot meals, hygiene packs and non-perishable food items that are distributed six days a week between New South Wales and Queensland.
We are also working in partnership with other welfare organisations that can assist individuals and families who are experiencing financial constraints by providing food vouchers, rent vouchers and short-term financial relief.

Every month, Brothers in Need volunteers visit the Birrong Respite Centre, which provides short-term accommodation and support to individuals with disabilities over the age of 18. During our visits, we bring along hot lunchs and drinks, spending spend quality time engaging with the residents. We always look forward to putting a smile on their faces and providing them with meaningful experiences, whether it be just socialising or joining in recreational activities.

Visiting the sick can be one of the greatest privileges and blessings of a community support worker. Friendly and caring interactions can improve the health outcomes of sick patients and in our fast-paced lives the sick at times are forgotten. Families and friends who have a loved one in hospital can request a visit from one of our volunteers. A friendly smile and chat or a gift to a sick child can be just what they need to lift their spirits and brighten their day.

A healthy breakfast every day can help children establish good eating habits and provide them with a nutritious start to the day. Every day across two public schools in Queensland we provide 120 students with a pre-packed healthy breakfast. These children would otherwise or skip the most important meal of the day and are among some of the most disadvantaged youngsters in the community.

Our youth programs are aimed at inspiring, mentoring and promoting positive developmental outcomes for young adolescents. We do this by encouraging them to participate in recreational activities and providing supportive and empowering environments where they feel safe and welcome. We currently have two programs on a weekly basis where the youth can get involved and we hope to continue to build on these initiatives in the coming years.

Established in 2017, our Sisters In Need volunteers have been actively helping those who prefer to speak to and deal with a female community support worker. We recognise that some situations may be sensitive in nature and this is where Sisters In Need becomes an invaluable asset to the work that we do. Being able to cater to the specific needs of both our brothers and sisters in humanity has helped build our capacity as an organisation and demonstrates that we value all members of our community equally, without discrimination or bias.

Every year, Brothers in Need organise an annual event for the local community, where prominent community leaders and speakers are invited to present on issues and raise awareness on topics that are relevant to the needs and experiences of the local community.

Zakat is a divine injunction and an ordinance from Allah Himself. It is not a personal matter or a voluntary contribution; rather, it is an obligation for which one will be called to account before Almighty Allah.
Here at Brothers in Need, we strive to do the following with your Zakat.
– 100% Zakat distribution. Every dollar you pay us as Zakat, we will distribute to the needy.
– 100% local distribution. In line with our vision, our sole purpose is to empower the community that WE live in. This is in line with what the majority of scholars recommend.

Our Directors

Dean Mousad

Raised in Baulkham Hills, Dean has gained a wide range of skills and experience. These include completing a business certificate and undertaking a personal training course till he became a master trainer and he has also completed his Diploma in Community Services (Case Management). Dean was a former chess champion. He has involved himself in a variety of sports having twelve years’ experience in kick boxing, muay thai and taekwondo. Since reconnecting with his religion, Dean has focused his efforts back into the community, helping where there is a lack of resources.

Masoud Orami

After arriving in Australia at the age of 5, Masoud was raised in Merrylands in the west of Sydney playing rugby league and cricket. He completed a certificate IV in personal training. After moving into the workforce, He is a water filter technician. Masoud is married and enjoys training in Muay Thai in his downtime. Since connecting to the Islamic faith, he wants to give back to his much beloved community that has served him growing up.

Baris Idik

Raised in the suburbs on western Sydney, Baris has experienced the hardships of being under privileged. He endeavoured to attain his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, after reconnecting with his religion Baris then turned his efforts back into the community. Now married with a child he wishes to create a society fit to raise his children.