Brothers in Need

Where do the funds go


The funds donated to Brothers In Need are invested into our Initiatives and projects. Our main goal is to provide the basic necessities to those who need urgent help to ensure they get back on their feet as soon as possible. We also provide referral services and work with individuals along with their families to implement long-term strategies that will create opportunities for recipients to become more self-sufficient.

2020 Expenditure*


With the donations collected, we aim to fulfil our mission to giving back to our community. Saturday night programs with the youth, visiting individuals with different abilities, visiting the elderly in the local nursing homes and other initiatives.


Our projects define who we are. From the soup kitchen to the services we run on a weekly basis. Our Aim is to provide assistance to individuals in need.


When providing food or even teaching our youth programs, essential equipment are needed. Without these essentials, these initiatives cannot operate.


Administration is the backbone of the organisation which stabilises the projects and initiatives run by hard-working members behind the scenes to make it all happen. Without their hard work and dedication, our projects and initiatives would not be structured and organised in order to reach our objectives. Therefore, a reasonable amount is allocated to administration as shown in our annual reports.