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Brothers in Need

Our Appeals


Tea Talk

A fortnightly program full of meaningful discussion and team bonding. Different topics and guest speakers.


Flood Crisis Appeal

In mid to late March 2021, extreme rainfall in Australia’s east led to almost unprecedented flooding


Homeless Outreach Programs

It’s a sad fact that homelessness is on the rise in Australia and there were almost 38,000 people in NSW in the Census who were classified as being homeless

Take on the $2 Challenge

Your simple donation of $2 a day, $2 a week or $2 a month will help many families and individuals around Australia.


Youth Programs

At Brothers In Need, we have a very strong focus on mentoring and nurturing the youth of today, many of whom will be the leaders of tomorrow.


Respite Centre Programs

We are very proud of our respite program, where once a month a number of our volunteers visit the My Home Disability Centre


Soup Kitchen

The ‘Soup Kitchen’ initiative sees our regular volunteers combine with other members of the community who generously give


Visiting the Sick

Visiting the sick - either at home or in hospital - can provide the sick person with a huge psychological boost.


School Workshops

It was the late, great Nelson Mandela who said: “the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow” and at Brothers In Need


Return and Earn

The Return And Earn initiative was introduced by the state government in late 2017 as a practical way of reducing the volume of litter


Bushfire Relief

Because of its climate, Australia is a nation which is extremely vulnerable when it comes to bushfires.


Drought Crisis

Australia has always been a country which is prone to drought, and over the past quarter of a century


Leave a Gift

At certain times in each of our lives, we all need make important decisions relating to our financial affairs.