Brothers in Need

Our Appeals


Flood Crisis Appeal

Your donation will enable Brothers in Need to provide humanitarian support to people and communities in New South Wales affected by the 2021 floods.


Homeless Outreach Programs

The winters in Australia can be extremely cold. We provide blankets, clothing and various winter essentials to those in need in the community.


Youth Programs

We focus on developing the youth in our communities. Programs are aimed at mentoring, inspiring and promoting positive development outcomes for youth adolescents.

Take on the $2 Challenge

Your simple donation of $2 a day, $2 a week or $2 a month will help many families and individuals around Australia.


Respite Centre Programs

Visiting the elderly, visiting disadvantaged members of the community to provide support for them.


Visiting the Sick

We visit unwell community members via referrals by providing them a gift and emotional support.


School Workshops

We have different youth programs that aim to inspire, mentor and promote positive developmental outcomes for young individuals


Return and Earn

Brothers in Need is registered to accept these donations to support the communities.


Bushfire Relief

The Australian nation is highly prone to bushfires in various areas of the country. These bushfires lead to various impacts on the members of the communities who are severely impacted.


Drought Crisis

Australia is a big country, with the recent bushfires, there is a great chance that a drought might occur.


Covid-19 Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in many families and individuals losing jobs.


Leave a Gift

At certain times in each of our lives, we all need make important decisions relating to our financial affairs. Writing your Will is essential for your loved ones to carry out your final wishes.