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The importance of community connection

Without people we are nothing: The importance of community connection

Humans are social creatures, and we thrive in strong communities that work to improve the lives of every individual. Not only are they an important source of social connection and a sense of belonging, but they can provide for those who are disadvantaged or simply need a shoulder to lean on.

Here’s why community is important to society at large – and how Brothers In Need is helping create a more robust community support system.

Building strong community support systems

Through the process of community development, everyone can come together to identify societal issues and take collective action to help make life better for community members.

As the Australian Institute of Family Studies puts it: “Community development has an explicit focus on the redistribution of power to address the causes of inequality and disadvantage.” More importantly, “Children and families directly involved in community development initiatives may benefit from increases in skills, knowledge, empowerment and self-efficacy, and experience enhanced social inclusion and community connectedness.”

In simpler terms, when people work together for the greater good of the entire community, they not only create a more welcoming and inclusive space, but they also get the added benefit of being more connected with other members of the community. That in itself can help create a stronger support system for those who need it most.

Whether it’s volunteering with Homeless Programs or simply giving up a few hours of your time to help out at a local Soup Kitchen, we understand just how much community spirit can help change lives.

The importance of community connections

Beyond trying to build a better community for everyone, it’s vital that those who are looking for support get the community connections they desire. After all, a good support network is invaluable, as it allows people to reach out for help when they need it most.

Many issues can make us feel isolated. While there are the obvious signs like homelessness and financial struggles following floods, droughts and bushfires, there are also the hidden issues that many of your community members may be dealing with – depression, anxiety and stress. These struggles can make us feel like we’re invisible, and without someone to offer much-needed support it’s easy to spiral.

That’s why community connections are so vital. It’s not just about giving money to worthy causes or working with local government to create more public housing to reduce the homeless epidemic. It’s also about being a caring, loving human who can provide an ear to listen and a hand to offer support when someone really needs it.

Driving community support to improve the lives of others

At Brothers In Need, we run a range of initiatives that support our local and broader communities. In addition to Homeless Programs and Crisis Appeals, we also have Respite Programs, School Programs, Aged Care Programs and many more – all run by volunteers who believe in the power of community support.

If you would like to contribute to building a more resilient community spirit, there are many different areas where you can volunteer your time and expertise. You can also make a tax-deductible donation to Brothers in Need. Whether it’s a one-off payment or a recurring donation, every little bit helps those who need it most in our community. 


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