Brothers in Need

Homeless outreach programs

The team at Brothers In Need work on ensuring the community is supported as best as they can. With homelessness on the rise in Australia along with the absence of any real solution, thousands of people continue to sleep on the streets. We are working hard on assisting those with a low income by providing fresh hot meals, hygiene packs and long-life products. As for the homeless outreach program, our volunteers cook over 500 containers of fresh hot meals, fruits, desserts and provide the drinks once a month. We have also partnered up with other welfare organisations that assist families who are experiencing financial difficulties by providing food vouchers.


Individuals living it rough are looking for any place with shelter to keep warm and stay out of the rain. We want to work with people within the community to aid and support those who are suffering from a financial strain or require some form of support.

To get some people from the community to open their homes into providing shelter to people living it rough during the Winter season.

Sign up now to open up your home to support those people living on the streets during winter. Or you can simply donate to us whatever you can. Every dollar helps.

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