Brothers in Need

Visiting the Sick

In today’s time, we tend to remain distant from those who are ill for as long as possible. Visiting the sick enables us to take heed and gain the love of God. Some patients struggle to cover the cost of the surgery needed. Sometimes it just takes a friendly smile or even a gift to brighten up the their day, leaving them feeling spiritually uplifted.

Nowadays, when people are sick, we prefer to stay away from them for as long as possible. But according to the words of our prophet Muhammad (SAW) “The one who is ill, is close to Allah (SWT)”. Along with visiting the sick, it enables us to take heed and get closer to god. Some patients don’t have the funds to pay for the surgery needed and what we do is provide as much financial help as possible.

To get closer to god and to provide the sick with as much comfort as possible.

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