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Brothers in Need

Visits to my Home Disability Service

We are very proud of our respite program, where once a month a number of our volunteers visit the My Home Disability Centre, which is based at Birrong in Sydney’s south west. This respite centre is designed to allow families and other unpaid caregivers of those with a disability to have much deserved and much needed, planned breaks and our volunteers feel privileged to spend quality time with the short-term residents, who are all aged 18 years or older. We love engaging with the participants, whether it’s cooking meals for them, playing games, entertaining or otherwise interacting with them. As Brothers In Need continues to expand its great work in the community, it’s our intention to become involved with several other respite venues.

There are many families in Sydney who have certain disabilities and they sometimes don’t feel themselves. Brothers In Need go to homes to keep the families together and provide them with food and money to get by if necessary.

We aim to visit as many disability homes and elderly homes as possible. This allows us to both ensure they’re doing well and to also learn from their past experiences.

You can sign up to be one of our volunteers and visit some of the homes with us. Or you can simply donate what you can.

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